Prof.dr. L.J. de Jongh

Ph.D. Theses for which I have acted as advisor or co-advisor

  1. Estudio teorico experimental del Hamiltoniano isotropico de Heisenberg by R. Navarro, Universidad de Zaragoza, October 1976.
  2. Experimental study on magnetic model systems at very low temperatures by H.A. Algra, Leiden University, December 1977.
  3. Some neutron scattering studies on magnetic and molecular phase transi-tions by L. Bevaart, Leiden University, October 1978.
  4. Magnetic measurements on transition metal compounds and dilute alloys in high magnetic fields by J.J. Smit, Leiden University, May 1979.
  5. An experimental study of praseodymium intermetallic compounds at low temperatures by F.J.A.M. Greidanus, Leiden University, September 1982 (cum laude).
  6. Neutron scattering studies on phase transitions in (CD3ND3)2)2CuCl4 and MnCl2.4H2O by J.J.M. Steijger, Leiden University, November 1982.
  7. A study of magnetic ordering phenomena in pure and diluted 3d and 4f ionic compounds at low temperatures by G. Mennenga, Leiden University, November 1983.
  8. Nonlinear excitations in magnetic systems by H.J.M. de Groot, Leiden University, May 1986 (cum laude).
  9. Relaxation studies on nonlinear excitations in pure and impure Ising-type magnetic systems by M. ElMassalami, Leiden University, March 1987.
  10. Elastic and inelastic neutron scattering studies on 3d and 4f magnetic compounds by W.A.C. Erkelens, Leiden University, September 1987.
  11. Mössbauer studies of nonlinear excitations and gold cluster compounds by H.H.A. Smit, Leiden University, June 1988.
  12. Singlet ground state magnetism in Thulium intermetallic compounds by A.F. Deutz, Leiden University, September 1988.
  13. On the physical properties of polynuclear metal cluster compounds by M.P.J. van Staveren, Leiden University, December 1989.
  14. Neutron scattering studies on the high-Tc superconductor YBa2Cu3O6+x by M.J.G.M. Jurgens, Leiden University, March 1990.
  15. Crystallographic and magnetic properties of R2T17 compounds by T.H. Jacobs, Leiden University, June 1992.
  16. An experimental study on mechanically controllable break junctions by C.J. Muller, Leiden University, September 1992 (cum laude).
  17. On the mass of the charge carriers in moving conductors and superconduc­tors by A.A. Verheijen, Leiden University, September 1992.
  18. Transport properties of some high-temperature superconductors by A. Smits, Leiden University, October 1992.
  19. Numerical simulations on the NMR-properties of high-Tc superconductors: Spin and vortex dynamics by D. Reefman, Leiden University, April 22, 1993 (cum laude).
  20. Low-temperature specific heat studies on high-Tc superconductors and metal cluster compounds by J. Baak, Leiden University, June 3, 1993.
  21. Spin and vortex dynamics in high-Tc superconductors studied by 205Tl and 19F NMR by J.T. Moonen, Leiden University, September 2, 1993.
  22. Magnetic moments in metalcluster molecules by D.A. van Leeuwen, Leiden University, September 9, 1993.
  23. On the spin-Peierls transition and related phenomena in quasi 1-D magnets by W.H. Korving, Leiden University, November 18, 1993.
  24. Mössbauer spectroscopy on metal cluster compounds and on gadolinium intermetallics under high pressure by F.M. Mulder, Leiden University, October 27, 1994. (cum laude)
  25. Size Effects in Atomic-Scale Point Contacts by M.J.Krans, Leiden University, January 23, 1996.
  26. Charge Carrier Transport in Metal/Non-Metal Composites by L.J. Adriaanse, Leiden University, January 9, 1997.
  27. Molecular Gold and Platinum Clusters - A Mössbauer Spectroscopic Study by D.A. van de Straat, Leiden University, February 26, 1997.
  28. Superconductivity and Magnetism in Nano-Scale Junctions by N. van der Post, Leiden University, March 6, 1997.
  29. Electrons and Phonons in Nanocluster Materials by Y.E. Volokitin, Leiden University, March 26, 1997.
  30. Magnetism of Nanometer-Sized Particles by J. Sinzig, Leiden University, April 9, 1997.
  31. NMR in strongly correlated electron systems Tl2Ba2CaCu2O8, TmBa2Cu3O6+x, La2NiO4+δ, B12+xC3-x by J. Witteveen, Leiden University, January 7, 1998.
  32. Nano-sized metal clusters and copper oxides studied by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance by F.C. Fritschij, Leiden University, February 25, 1998.
  33. Quantum conductance properties of atomic-size contacts by B. Ludoph, Leiden University, September 23, 1999.
  34. Hopping transport in disordered media studied up to Terahertz frequencies by J.A. Reedijk, Leiden University, June 8, 1999.
  35. Noise properties of atomic-size contacts by H.E. van den Brom, Leiden University, March 29, 2000.
  36. Nanometer-sized metal particles studied by Mössbauer effect spectroscopy and magnetic probes by P.M. Paulus, Leiden University, October 26 2000.
  37. Atomic chains and electronic shells: Quantum mechanisms for the formation of nanowires by A.I. Yanson, February 7, 2001.
  38. Charge transport in conjugated polymers and polymer devices by H.C.F. Martens, Leiden University, December 7, 2000.
  39. The formation of stripes in nickelates and high Tccuprates by I.M. Abu-Shiekah, Leiden University, June 12, 2001.
  40. Quantum phenomena in molecular nano-clusters by F.L. Mettes, Leiden University, September 27, 2001.
  41. Experiments on low-dimensional molecular magnets by M. Evangelisti, Leiden University, June 20, 2002.
  42. Quantum spin dynamics in single-molecule magnet by A. Morello, Leiden University, 18 March 2004.
  43. Doping in conjugated polymers: number of carriers, mobility and density of states by I.N. Hulea, Leiden University, 2 November 2004.
  44. Materials on the edge: between metallic and insulating behaviour by I.G. Romijn, Leiden University, 13 May 2004.
  45. Experiments on magnetic and superconducting nanowires and magnetic nanoparticles by T.G. Sorop, Leiden University, 25 February 2004.
  46. Phenol-pyrazole ligands in the design of manganese(III) compounds by Marta Viciano Chumilas, Leiden University, October 22 2009

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