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Open Positions: Structural Evolution of Electrocatalytic Surfaces in Action
Towards Cyclic Voltammograms with nm Resolution



Francesc: Step Bunching Beats PZC
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The primary focus are fundamental surface-science studies that provide deep insights into the underlying atomic-scale processes.
Systems of interests stand in relation to electrocatalysis & electrodeposition, electrochemistry, polycrystalline thin films, single crystals, (thin film) growth, grain boundary networks, equilibrium structures, interfacial and surface stresses, diffusion, energetics, phase transitions, and chemical reactions.
To extract quantitative numbers, a typical analysis applies mathematical models, thermodynamics, and/or (reaction) kinetics. Sometimes (kinetic) Monte Carlo type algorithms are used next to correlation functions and scaling theory.
The main focus is on Scanning Probe Microscopy (STM, AFM, HFM, etc.). With a strong innovative approach and background knowledge in mechanics, electronics, and control engineering, several unique homebuilt SPM systems have been realized. Developing something that does not yet exist, enables groundbreaking and new research. The driving force, however, always comes from deep fundamental, not yet solved scientific questions.